Make Your Ideas More Portable

With UPS and RTC features, PiSugar2 makes your rpi ready for fast prototyping and product development.

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Core Features


Unintterupting power supply with physical power switch.

Safe Shutdown

Automatic safe shutdown at low battery level, protect your data.


Get battery data from well designed webUI and api.


On-board real time clock, you can schedule an auto wake up.

Customize Tap button

A programmable tap button, you can customize shell script on it.


Solder pads for 5V input, add wireless or solar charging on your wish.

Designed by professional , the benefit for creative projects

PiSugar2 is the same size as pi0 / pi0w.

With the special designed pins, it's able to connect all pi0 serises, with or without GPIO headers.

Installlation is still solderless, even simpler than the previous version.

Web UI Management

Install software in one line command. Enjoy controlling your pi on webUI. If you like hacking, the source code is open for you!

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Open-source 3D Cases

Building a complete product in a few miniutes with cases and lids customized for all kinds of phats.

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